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Trauma & Abuse + PTSD

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"I have to admit, Id seen several less experienced therapist in the area before I came to see you trying to save a small amount of money that, in hindsight was silly and a waste of money! glad I walked out on them! You really do know what your talking about and what you have made me realise is truly priceless. Im proud now to say i've developed an internal locus of control, am manage my thinking to a high degree and don't suffer what I consulted you for. I use what you've taught me in all areas of my life and have been now teaching my wife, son and daugher all I know. I now feel a super dad! thankyou Jon and thankyou THRIVE "

Welcome to the Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Clinic in Huddersfield.

professional fully qualified specialist hypnotherapy in huddersfield leeds manchester sheffield and the yorkshire area

Jon always offers a free consultation with no obligation whatsoever. If you'd like to have a chat over anything with regards to your problem, do contact him right away. Jon has over 9 years of experience as a hypnotherapist in Huddersfield. He has helped over one thousand clients at the Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Clinic to date. He is very proud to have helped many people not only from Yorkshire but also from all over the country as well as those that have travelled from abroad.

Jon Froggatt D.Hyp (IAEBP) is becoming one of the leading figures in the therapeutic world having featured on BBC radio as an expert on Phobias amongst other disorders. He was also offered a weekly show on ITV in 2011 and has been asked for help in projects run by BBC3 and SKY TV. He runs his busy practice in the centre of Huddersfield (Yorkshire, UK). He is proud to be a leading clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist as well as a certified THRIVE consultant. Jon is extreemely proud to of helped free so many people from such symptoms and problems as Weight related issues (Hypno-Band registered practitioner), Social Anxiety and Social Phobia, Emetophobia, Shyness and Blushing, Stuttering and Stammering, OCD, Feeling low, Feeling negative, feeling powerless, Compulsions, Eating Problems (Anorexia, Binge Eating and Bulimia), IBS, Sexual Problems including Premature Ejaculation, Erectile Problems, Orgasmic Dysfunction and Vaginissimus, Phobias, Anxiety, Addictions (alchohol, drugs, masturbation, sex etc..), Panic Attacks, Fears, stopping smoking and much more.

Jon is fully trained and holds a diploma in hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis aswell as being a certified THRIVE consultant. He's very proud to be a fully practicing member of the International Association of Evidence based practice (IAEBP) that was former known and the IAPH (the international association of hypnoanalysts). All IAEBP members are bound by a strict code of practice and ethics and attend regular training events to keep their skills completely up to date. Within the IAEBP policy, Jon undergoes regular supervision to make sure that as a professional therapist he can provide and maintain a high standard of care towards his clients.

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Being a member of the IAEBP means that as well as suggestion therapy, Jon is fully trained as a THRIVE consultant, C.P.I practitioner and clinical hypnotherapist. He practices from his huddersfield based hypnotherapy clinic. C.P.I (cognitive processing and integration) and the THRIVE training programme are only practiced by IAEBP members. Jon is also an officially licenced Hypno-Band practitioner also, believed by many to be the worlds No.1 Gastric Band Hypnotherapy system which is specifically designed for weight control.

We believe in the IAEBP that the THRIVE training programme, in conjunction where necessary with 1-3 sessions of C.P.I (cognitive processing and integration) is the very best therapy and training programme in the world for treating anxiety, emotional and nervous disorders. For sufferers of symptoms and problems, there really is light at the end of the tunnel and you deserve to have a positive happy life as much as the next person.

Would you like to know what it feels like to really THRIVE?:

The therapy that IAEBP used to practice was called Pure Hypnoanalysis. It set out to find the root cause of problems, and expose it, so the client can effortlessly deal with the cause. As soon as this was achieved, the underlying anxiety was resolved which was often the root cause of the symptoms or problems. Some clients aligned this experience to being born again and given another chance in life, albeit the problem was that some clients thinking style and character traits held them back from dissolving their symptoms totally and this is where THRIVE excells. C.P.I (cognitive processing and integration) is also proving a far quicker way to resolve past trauma's (if present) than Pure Hypnoanalysis ever did.

Learning about how we sustain symptoms and problems and what to do about it truly is a priceless thing and Jon understands that many of you would like the 'dark-cloud' lifted, for life not to be terrible, and to be able to stop asking the question when seeing others cope so easily....."Why me?".

Jon understands that the last thing somebody who is suffering wants in life is to be labelled, something that unfortunately other professionals do so readily. At times, this labelling by professionals does help another feel more 'normal' with their problem, yet this labellings result, more often than not, in the disempowerment of another, and strips the belief that they themselves can indeed get themselves better with the right information and professional guidance.

Life IS NOT stressful, Life does NOT cause anxiety! Life has what we call 'stressors' and how we react to them is whether or not WE then create stress and anxiety. YES!.. WE ARE in control of this yet most have been taught otherwise. Whatever you are suffering from, please be assured, I won't be labelling anyone. At the clinic I see two types of client, those that are doing something they don't want to do, and those that are not doing something they want to do. I understand people just want to get better and be free of their problem, to live a happy life. Every symptom and problem to myself is no more that a problem in living. Deal with the root cause using 'C.P.I' followed by the THRIVE programme, or simply learn to manage ones thinking better with the THRIVE programme alone, as most symptoms and problems are simply sustained by ones character type and unhelpful thinking styles (aswell as a few other factors that you will be learning about) and this is where the training programme called THRIVE comes in.

You will be learning information that no other therapists can offer and the programme, as cheesy as it sounds, truly is a life changing phenomena.
Yorkshire hypnotherapy clinic can free you from anxiety symptoms and problems using calm hypnosis

Rest assured, Jon 'practices what he preaches' and he too uses the THRIVE programme in his day to day life. THRIVE is now starting to surge to the forefront of helping others. Jon understands that the THRIVE training programme as well as the theraputic process called C.P.I (cognitive processing and integration) intimately having gone through the full-blown therapy Pure Hypnoanalysis many years ago, this is something few new therapists can say. With over 9 years experience of helping other its also worth mentionong that Jon's manner and communication is extremely down to earth. To many clients who have tried all manner of other therapies and treatments full of thinking, complex language, and ridiculous techniques, he's a breath of fresh air.

Jon shines with treating all ages, races and sexes as he is non judgemental and is unequivocally on his clients side, no matter what life problems they are suffering from or where they come from in society. He is warm, caring, and above all, friendly in his approach, and runs his practice in an informal, yet highly professional way. Also, if you happen to be a somebody in the public eye or are known as a 'celebrity', please also understand that jon has worked with many, including those high-profile persons who have visited such places as the Priory and haven't attained any lasting results or benefits. He would like to assure you, as with all his clients, absolute discretion and a 110% confidential approach. Indeed, if need be, Jon can get any client or trainee ('celebrity' or not) into his practice without even being noticed. You are welcome to contact him anytime to arrange a free no obligation consultation.


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