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Officially Licensed Hypno-Band Registered Practitioner For Weight Loss. The worlds No.1 Gastric Band Hypnotherapy System.

Groundbreaking weight loss system :

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The Hypno-Band Weight Loss Programme is a revolutionary system that has recently had much media coverage on TV and in various magazines and national newspapers. With waiting lists increasing and the NHS being flooded with those consulting with over-weight and obesity problems, is it not time to get your weight under control? Many people look to hypnosis for help with weight control but Hypno-Band takes this further, incorporating cognitivie behavioral therapy, hypnosis, positive visualisation and suggestion therapy all provided in a professional, non-judgemental down to earth way. Many choose Jon over other weight loss practitioners as he is able to fully understand his clients due to his vast experience. Please also note, Jon only practices the best original Hypno-Band system and not one of the many inferior alternatives to it.


Jon Froggatt is not only a leading therapist with 9 years of experience as a clinical psychotherapist, but is also an official licensed Hypno-Band practitioner based in Yorkshire. Jon will skillfully, over a period of just a few weeks, help you rapidly change old eating habits and thoughts and create a state of mind in the subconscious where you believe an actual Gastric band has been fitted. Due to this you will eat smaller portions and more to the point, you will feel full without the cravings for more food, helping you achieve regular healthy weight loss.

Thats not all :

Weight loss diets don't generally work. This is due to diets not addresing the underlying reasons and bad habits that those who are over weight have got into. You will learn in detail the reasons underlying why and when you eat that are causing your problems. You will be given sessions, with the aid of hypnosis, to change your negative behaviours and habits around food enabling you to gain control over your eating and hence, your body and health.

Hypno-Band at the Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Clinic includes:

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 4 sessions at the Clinic.
 All hypnoband material to help in your success.
 Official Hypno-Band cd's for home use (pre and post-op)
 Weekly and monthly progress charts
 Important information and help on behaviour changes
 help to change after identifying emotional causes of eating
 help to boost your self-esteem and confidence.
 help in getting you back in control of your life

In just 4 sessions but spread over around 7 weeks to ensure progress

Fantastic results can be achieved extremely quickly and easily using the Hypno-Band technique but do note that Hypno-Band is not a 'magic pill' that will make you lose weight with no effort from yourself. You WILL need to put in the effort and do what is required to lose weight. It is essential that you are committed to the process and are motivated. With the techniques used, combined with your effort, the Hypno-Band course can make weight-loss, easier, more rewarding and enjoyable. On top of that, the Hypno-Band can save thousands on a medical operation.

Many people throughout the UK and abroad have achieved outstanding weight loss results with Hypno-Band and Jon looks forward to helping you as he have many reach your ideal weight and maintain it. Being a specialist in weight loss as well as other symptoms and problems, his broad expertise clearly sets him apart from other weight loss therapists. The Hypno-Band system is most suitable for those people with a BMI over 26. Those with a BMI of less can be helped with the Hypno-Band system but another therapy or technique that I can provide may be more suitable. Feel free to contact me to arrange a free consultation.

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