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Client testimonials and press clippings. (Please note; I very rarely ask clients after therapy for a testimonials, but here is a very small selection from those who send me them regardless). LOOK OUT! THRIVE testimonials coming in thick and fast and will be displayed soon. Also keep an eye open for my new THRIVE website and the welcoming of THRIVE consultant Claire Stuckey...

A Female client after Hypno-Band with myself;

I came to see Jon after my partner had gone through Pure Hypnonalysis with him due to various problems he was suffering at the time. The results gave me the confidence to consult jon for my weight loss after many years of trying what I regard now as 'faddy' diets. My BMI was certainly getting into the danger zone. I heard about the Hypno Band technique on TV, and without hesitation went for a consultation. I found Jon totally non-judgemental and very down to earth. very different to other specialists I had consulted with in the past i might add. He clearly explained what we we're going to do in the various sessions and I felt supported and optimistic at all times. The results I have achieved have far surpassed anything I expected and I found the whole process enjoyable and exciting and Im continuing to lose weight 9 weeks after my last session with Jon.

Thankyou with all my heart and life!!
S.Sudbury (Manchester)

A Male client that suffered depression and low self-esteem. This is how he felt after Pure Hypnoanalysis with myself;

Dear Jon,

Hope you're well! Just emailing to let you know that, three weeks since we finished the treatment, I am feeling great. I really feel that the hypnotherapy did the trick, allowing me to bring all the things I'd repressed, or simply not talked about to anyone, into the open. I just feel completely different, without a care in the world haha. My main worry since finishing the treatment was that when I return to London, leaving behind the constant support of my mum, I would become depressed again. Fortunately, over a week since returning, that hasn't been the case and I have felt motivated and positive. Basically, it has put everything into perspective, and now I just take the approach of telling anyone or anything that's has a negative influence, or holds me back, to simply bugger off!

Anyway I'll stop rambling on. In short, feeling great! Thank you so much for all your help and support, Jon.

Take Care,
H. (london)


A Male client after Pure Hypnoanalysis with myself;

It is important that this testimonial speaks directly to those individuals who need to hear it. If you are considering therapy I sincerely urge you to get in touch with Jon and get your problems sorted immediately. It is with great ease that I can say that going through a session of Pure Hypnoanalysis with Jon was the best thing I have ever done in my life. For 25 years I endured a private hell that I truly believed was my lot in's nice to know now what a load of bollocks that was!

Like most people I had some initial concerns:

1) The claims about Pure Hypnoanalysis sound too good to be true, are they?
2) What if Jon doesn't understand my problem?
3) What if this therapy changes me as a person?
4) Is it really worth the money i would spend?

I would like to answer these for you now.

1) The claims about the effectiveness of Pure Hypnoanalysis are absolutely spot on. It really is a mind-blowing therapy. It is simple to do however at times it was emotionally demanding. If like me however you have been struggling all your life, a little more struggle is acceptable if it brings about the total end of your struggles. And it will.
2) Jon totally understands your problem. Not only has he put thousands of people through this therapy but he has also been through it himself, this shows in the care and compassion with which he treats you, the man is a legend!
3) The fact is this therapy will change your life, but only for the better; the things that you don't like about yourself will simply disappear and you will experience your natural freedom...which is nice.
4) Yes it's worth the money! I was desperately struggling with money however I can safely say I would have paid four times the amount (if not more) to get to where I am today.

To make it perfectly clear to you:

I turned up at Jon's door with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, drug and alcohol problems, social problems and sexual problems, and guess what? all gone!...happy days, go and get some!
(S, 'down-south')

A Female client after Pure Hypnoanalysis with myself;

Hi Jon,

Sorry it's taken me a couple of weeks - been busy feeling great :)) goes:

I don't really know where to start with this! How can I put into words what this therapy has done for me? I suppose I should just say that if you're in the same position as I was a few months ago, wondering whether to go for it or not, just do. You really won't regret it.

I went to see Jon around Febuary 2010 as I was struggling to cope with life. I was suffering with horrible anxiety which had become monstrous and out of proportion. Everything was a struggle. I had it all on paper: newly married to a great man,  promising new career and fantastic friends and family. However, I just felt like a piece of me was missing. There was a hole there that was becoming bigger and bigger with each day. I'd tried counselling and CBT but nothing worked long-term. I started to look for other alternatives; anything that'd help to uncover the black mist that had started to really affect my life in a mental, emotional and physical way.

In the free (bonus! Especially as it was 90 mins!) consultation with Jon, I found him to be warm, friendly and professional. Yes, he swears too much (sorry Jon, but you admit this yourself!) but his manner really helped to put me at ease. However, as I'd not heard of pure hypnoanalysis before, I did think it sounded a bit mad and even ridiculous, but something inside me just knew that it made sense. Jon convinced me that this therapy was the one for me and that I'd be cured forever. I was still dubious, but now I'm sitting here writing this knowing that it's a fact. This therapy is amazing and Jon is a brilliant ambassador for it.

With Jon's support and professional manner, you will get through it. As Jon said I have a 'core of steel'; so much so, I'd convinced myself that I couldn't get through it but even the most hardened of people CAN do it. I did it in 9 sessions and it was with every penny.

I'll end by saying: give his 'mad' therapy a chance as you certainly won't regret it. Jon has helped me to finally enjoy my life and, dare I say it, like myself! Yes, I do still have my 'moments' but I have found my sense of perspective again. If I hadn't have given this unusual therapy a chance, I'd still be to-ing and fro-ing to the doctors. Give it a chance and change your life. Jon - you're a star. Thanks for helping me to appreciate and love my life again.

Much love and best wishes for the future,  

L, T. West Yorkshire.

A Male client after Pure Hypnoanalysis with myself;

I came in fuck*ed up and left un-fuck*ed. Simple.
Thankyou for everything Jon (T, Ambleside)

A Female client after Suggestion therapy with myself;

I'm sorry it's taken me so long for me to get back to you, what with my wisdom tooth out, Christmas, New Year, then back at work - I've lost all track of time.
Not sure if you remember me, but I'm the one who came to you a couple of weeks prior to my wisdom tooth being taken out and you did 2 intense sessions on me, in order to get me through. Well it worked, I was very calm and controlled the next morning and nearly fell asleep, in the car, on the way to the hospital (don't worry, I wasn't driving). It spooked my husband out, he was expecting me to be completely the opposite. Thank you for everything.
I would like to come back to you for more treatment, to complete the course fully, but once I'm in a better position financially - Christmas gave my card a good workout, one that needs a rest for a while.
I'm hoping March I'll be caught up with myself, so I'll be in touch with you then to arrange to see you again.

Again, thanks for everything Jon

A Female client after Pure Hypnoanalysis with myself;

Basically my problem was alcohol abuse. Early every evening, on my own, I would down a bottle of wine in less than an hour. Weekends were even worse .I tried cutting out alcohol, I attended  group sessions, I read books, I searched for information on the net and I even attended Allen Carr’s clinic in London. Nothing worked for long, so to tell you the truth Jon, I was very sceptical when I came to your clinic for the first time but I was desperate to change my life style. Hypnotherapy was going to be my last port of call …do or die!!!! I was also extremely nervous about meeting you. My fears were dispelled immediately. I sensed that you were a fantastic, caring young man in whom I could put all my trust.
Over the weeks we explored my life and I came face to face with the ugly truth about my time as a very young child. We got to the bottom of what was causing all my problems.
However I must admit that after the last session I felt that I had been duped as there was no instant change. For weeks I felt really depressed especially when I thought about what had come to light in the last sessions. Slowly but surely things started to change. It was as though a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders and for the first time ever I was at one with myself and I actually liked myself!!
Jon, the dedication and enthusiasm you have your work is astounding. I hope you never change. I wish you a very successful future. Many, many thanks. (Anne - 'up-north').

A Female client who was suffering many symptoms and problems and was aware she had been sexually abused for over 18 years since the age of 3. She'd also had been through every other therapy imaginable to no avail. This is what she sent after her course of Pure Hypnoanalysis;

This has been sitting in the house since the day after my last session with you! Clearly I don't rush into things... so really this is a belated thanks to you for sticking with my reluctance + cautiousness when I saw you months ago. You'll be pleased to hear I've gone out and joined in with life & left my fears behind. I know my history will come with me but the hold it has on me is far less & i certainley can't resserect the intense feelings of particular events anymore - not that i try to or want to! Im feeling freer & way more playful - no more Mrs. Serious... We always fancied a move to the South west - a job came up in ******* which I got so we are ***** bound. It's still nature conservation so I'm very happy + as Im writing this I'm looking over the sea 20ft away and a seal is bobbing about in the waves - live the dream!! Thankyou so much for helping me find the confidence to be me. I wish you fun & fulfillment and that you find all you need & want in life. Thanks for being so open too. i don't think I've ever allowed myself to be angry & feel ok about it before working with you. Cheers m'dear (D, 'Down-south')

A male client who suffered from Depression, Anger issues, low confidance and a variety of other symptoms and problems after Pure Hypnoanalysis;

My life began again on the 4th September 2008. For the first time in nearly 60 years, after a series of Pure Hypnoanalytical therapy sessions with Jon Froggatt. I am still getting used to feeling normal. I had suffered many years with physical and neurotic problems. I found Jon in the local directory. His highly professional skill as as a hypnotherapist practitioner, his kindness and down to earth manner and his passion to turn peoples lives around for the better. He has made my life worth living again. He is without a doubt a most gifted man who really cares for others and we are so lucky to have him in the heart of Huddersfield. Look, its never too late to get your life back on track and live your time to its full potential. Please give him a try. Thankyou again Jon. Best Wishes, J.C.C

A Female client who consulted for Emetophobia after Pure Hypnoanalysis;

I know you directly told me that you didn't want a testimonial of yourself and i should now just forget about you and the therapy and get on with my life but I feel I need to at least write before I moving on. Thankyou with all my heart for your strength and compassion and I want to strongly recommend you to other sufferers and would like you to put this on your website. You truly have helped me change my life and have cured me (or as you would say), you've helped me cure myself. After years of visiting doctors and other therapists, becomming more and more low as the years passed by I truly have my life back. I also want to say thankyou for being so strong and persistant with me, and for getting me into your room and the 'hot' chair for that last session when I was refusing to come. If you hadn't persistantly called me, I would of never come (and sorry for all the crap excuses I gave you to avoid coming near the end of my therapy), I know you knew I was lying and was just scared but....! I love you to bits but I understand I've got to get on with my life now. You will never be forgotton. (Katherine S, Birmingham)

A male client after a course of Pure Hypnoanalysis;

I would like to recommend Jon to anyone who has a problem who thinks it cant be sorted. I thought I was isolated and no one could help me, I had different therapies but nothing seemed to work. I read Jons article in the local paper and everything pointed to me as i read through. I e-mailed Jon and we arranged to meet and I can honestly say it was a life changing experience. In itself what happened to me I can say it seemed like an excorsism and Jon was there with me every step of the way. Just make that first move and get in touch with Jon, it will be the best thing you did, it was for me. Thank you ever so much Jon for everything, I may not see you again but you wont be forgotten. Thanks. (S, Barnsley)

A client that consulted for Masklophobia and experienced suggestion therapy with myself to overcome her fear rapidly.;

cure, cured huddersfield hypnotherapist jon froggatt

I have had an unusual phobia of people in costumes for as long as I can remember. I do not know the reason for this fear, only that it was so acute that if I saw some one dressed up I would either have to leave or if confronted would cry or feel like lashing out at them! This fear or phobia was rarely an issue for me and so it wasn't until we planned a family holiday to Disney that I realised I needed to do something to get things under control - the best I hoped for was to take the edge off my fear so that my two children would not be aware that I was indeed terrified.

I had only two weeks before I was due in Disney and so began researching on the internet. I came across Jon's website after reading numerous hypnotist websites and I found it to be very explanatory yet straightforward. Two or three days later I took a deep breath and emailed Jon explaining my problem and asking if he could help me.

I was now down to just under two weeks before going away. Jon emailed me back to explain briefly that he COULD help me and confirmed his pricing. We then spoke on the telephone and arranged for a free consultation in two days at his office in Huddersfield. I went over to meet him and was full of apprehension and to be completely honest a little skeptical. Jon was very easy to get along with and friendly and as we discussed my phobia he came up with a couple of suggestions for dealing with it. I have to say Jon was very honest with me from the start and said that as we had a very short timescale it may be that we look at finding a way to help me cope with my fear rather than curing it altogether. I made my appointment for the following Thursday, which was two days before going away.

My second visit to Jon was easy. I felt completely at ease and Jon sat me down first and explained what he was about to do. I then sat in the hotseat and put on the headphones. I felt a little silly but soon began to relax. It is hard not to relax and before I knew it I felt completely aware of what Jon was saying but felt so heavy and super relaxed. Jon did not say any of the things that I expected and from what I remember he made very general statements which were carefully worded and used lots of repetition. When it was all over I felt like I weighed double my bodyweight and felt a little shaky. Strangely, I rang my husband when I left and when he asked what Jon was saying I couldn't remember a great deal of it!

Anyway, two days later we went to Disney and I was anxious that I may not still be able to cope. My first sighting was Donald Duck. I felt my heart lurch as I had not seen him stood to the side of me. I walked away and stood back to watch where I was not hemmed in. After a few seconds watching I realised that I did not feel the way I always have. I did not feel an urge to run, burst into tears or wack it! I felt like I may be able to be around these characters. During the course of the day we saw many more and I felt more and more intrigued as to how close I could get to them before I felt any anxiety. Before the end of the first day I was taking my children over to some of the characters. My husband and friends could not believe the difference as they have all seen my reactions before and were, I think, expecting the holiday to be a bit of a nightmare. We all had a great time and bizarrely during the holiday odd snippets of what Jon had said to me during the hypnosis came back to me. A great side effect of my treatment has been that the one or two a day cigarette habit that had begun again is now over too!

Jon helped me enormously as my holiday could have been a disaster and my worst fear was that I would pass on my fear to my children. I never thought for one minute it would work completely for me, but it did and I can't thank him enough for that. (Emma Armstrong, Leeds)

A clients who's fears had become phobias and had a course of Pure hypnoanalysis

I called Jon after starting to feel that my fears have become phobias, or at the very least, my fears had become totally unrational and unbearable. After trawling the internet, I very fortunately, came across Jon's site and with interest, read about Pure Hypnoanalysis and his take on Phobias. It all made a lot of sense and I made an appointment for a consultation. All I want to say is from that point onwards, my life has now permanently changes. I'd seen so many therapists, but Jon was totally different, he's so straight talking, I didn't see him as a therapist, more of a chap who knew what he was on about who I felt could help me. He cut to the chase and cut all the crap I'd heard off others. He clearly explained why my fears had become phobias and what we were going to do about it. 9 weeks later, I've learnt the truth about my life. Not only have my various phobias gone, I feel like Ive been totally given a new chance at life and that the weight of the world is now of my shoulder. I'll never forget what you helped me do Jon, and when the going got tuff and I called you to say "this therapies not for me" and some rubbish like "their nothing more to tell you", I thank you with all my heart that you understood that i was scared and eventually got me in for one more session. Deciding to come for that last 30 minutes was the most important thing Ive ever done in my life, and I KNOW that if you hadn't been so understanding, I wouldn't of come and would not have of changed my life. You are a true star. (Carl, Rotherham)

A female client who consulted for social phobia, bed wetting, panic attacks and anger issues after a course of Pure Hypnoanalytical Therapy;

i know you told me to leave the therapy and everything in the past on completion, but you didn't even ask for a testimonial. So here it is. Its the least I can do to say thankyou. You have truly helped me change my life, and as much as its strange to not have my problems anymore, they truly have gone. I know you insisted that you yourself did very little, and that my sorting myself out was all down to me, but I know i couldn't of done it without your patience, your support, your professional 'human' approach and I just want to say thankyou. You instilled courage into me, and believed in me all along. Nobody has even done that in my life, and when it counted, you really were there for me. I know you've been through this therapy but I now understand how it feels to be completely resolved. My life is now calm, and I feel light. I'll never be able to thankyou enough for helping me achieve that. (L. Manchester)

A male client that consulted for O.C.D, A phobia of flying, I.B.S and social phobia/anxiety after a course of Pure Hypnoanalytical therapy;

Having seen so may therapists over the last few years, I'd almost given up hope. I'd had NLP, other suggestion therapies and load of hours of counseling. Yes it all helped a bit, some coping mechanisms and a room to cry in for an hour or so, but I wanted to be truly free. Not spend my life coping. I'm so glad I found and traveled to see Jon. I felt immediately comfortable in his presence and able to talk about my problem. What he helped me do was incredible. I'm truly free of the symptoms I consulted for, and at last.. at 35, I feel able to start my life. I urge people to see this man". (P, Newcastle)

Newspaper feature from the Huddersfield Examiner 2007 - Facing up to your worst fears; "Stress and anxiety are endemic in our modern, Western culture, says hypnotherapist Jon"

huddersfield examiner telling how jon froggatt a leading hypnotherapist in yorkshire can free people of their symptoms and problemsHypnotherapist Jon Froggatt says that his clinic is always the 'last port of call' for clients who have tried almost everything else. From phobias and hypochondria to deep seated emotional trauma, stress and anxiety - all of these problems and many more end up at his door: HILARIE STELFOX takes a look at hypnotherapy.

IT MAY sound easier than done, but Jon Froggatt, hypnotherapist, says he can free anyone of their psychological baggage - anxieties, spider phobia, fear of flying etc - and give them back their lives.

But how does he do this? Jon is a practitioner of a particular type of hypnotherapy called Pure Hypno-Analysis. The therapy is like a short course of psychotherapy, coupled with hypnosis, than the many forms of hypnotherapy currently practised in this country. It has nothing to do, he says, with stage hypnosis and getting people to eat onions when they think they're eating apples.

Pure Hypno-Analysis is based on the principle that any symptom - anxiety, phobia, stress etc - has an underlying cause that can be uncovered and released. Other types of hypnotherapy, says Jon, remove the symptoms but leave the underlying cause. "The anxiety will still be there and another problem will crop up. "I don't teach coping mechanisms because the people who come and see me have been coping all their lives and they've had enough," explained Jon.
Whilst clients who suffered a trauma - for example, sexual abuse during childhood - focus on the trauma and blame it for their state of mind, Jon says that it's not what happened it's how the person feels about it and deals with it that matters. It's why some abused children go on to have a relatively 'normal' lives while others feel that their lives have been destroyed. "Through hypno-analysis people release a huge amount of emotion and afterwards it's gone and dealt with. They don't go on to seek retribution, they are free," he said.

Jon has been studying hypno-analysis for 10 years and says that like many analysts he found his way into the profession after having therapy himself. In fact, it's a prerequisite of the International Association of Hypno-analysts, the training and regulatory body, that all therapists should have undergone therapy.
Formerly a professional artist, Jon became so interested in Hypnotherapy that he studied with the association and set up his own practice. He now runs the Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Clinic in Wormwalds Yard, Huddersfield. His brother James is also a practising hypno-therapist in the area.
He says that stress and anxiety are endemic in our modern, Western culture, and he'll never be short of work.
For some conditions there is a relatively quick fix - through suggestion therapy. This can work for smoking cessation, exam nerves and certain phobias, such as a fear of flying before a holiday.
But Jon believes that even such problems will have an underlying cause that needs a course of therapy. A typical one-hour sesson will cost £95 for suggestion therapy (1 to 2 sessions) or £80 for Pure Hypnoanalysis (usually eight to ten sessions).
"In America therapists see patients for thousands of hours and patients develop a dependant relationship with their therapist. But I can treat somebody within eight sessions."

(Many thanks to the Huddersfield Examiner for the kind permission to use this feature on my site)

A client who consulted for a 'Stop smoking in 1 hour' session;

As I said I would, I'm mailing you to just let you know that I'm still very proud to be a non-smoker after 2 months since I saw you. As you know, my habit was becoming ridiculous and I was smoking 50+ a day. Although you assured me that it will make no difference to the successful outcome of the session, whether I smoked 2 a day or 50, I was, as you know rather skeptical of the whole hypnosis thing. On meeting you, you made me so welcome that I quickly felt at ease. Well, I don't even think of cigarettes anymore and feel like things are just the way they should be. I don't really know what you did in all honesty, but what really amazes me is I never once had any cravings for cigarettes after my visit to you. You really did turn me into a non-smoker in every sense of the word, not an ex-smoker. I apologise to you for thinking your fee was a lot of money when I've already made that back from not smoking. I'm recommending you to all of my friends who smoke and I can truly say that your excellent at your job. Thanks Jon.
(Jack, huddersfield)

A Client that consulted for help having failed her driving test 5 times previously. Choosing 3 sessions of guided suggestion therapy to help her;

I was starting to question whether I was even a good enough driver to ever pass my test having failed 5 times before. I had been driving for some time on my provisional license, and felt confident enough, yet every time it came to performing in my test, one tiny mistake would just make me fall to pieces. I'd heard about Jon and hypnotherapy through a friend so decided to make an appointment. One meeting Jon I immediately felt at ease and although he obviously 'knew his stuff', I never felt as though he was judging me in anyway. Before even talking to me about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, he asked me a very pertinent question that really has stuck with me. The question was, do you realise that your allowed to make mistakes on your driving test? To be honest, I had geared myself up so much for having to put in an unflawed demonstration of my driving skills to pass, that I hadn't realised this. Jon went on to explain, without patronising me, that we all make mistakes whilst driving now and then and the examiners are their to see how we cope when we do make mistakes. Do we stay calm and cool, do we freak out and give up. I already felt a great weight of my shoulder.
Following my consultation, I returned for two suggestion hypnotherapy sessions that we're absolutely wonderful. In the first session as I recall, Jon put me into hypnosis, and we ran through my driving test, visualising doing everything perfectly and me actually enjoying my driving test. The second session that was two days before my test was more of a 'general positivity, confidence boost session'. At the end of this, I felt ready to conquer the world, let along pass my driving test. Anyway, I passed, and as strange as it was, I enjoyed every second of it. Quite unbelievable really. I felt balanced and calm and I knew that if I did make a mistake (the reverse parking manoeuvre had become an absolute nightmare to me), I would just have another go and get it right without falling apart. Incidentally, I put in a flawless test and am so proud. I have also found, with great excitement, that I don't have my fear of public speaking either anymore which I am required to do in my job. Jon did mention that often, with sessions with himself, that clients gain many other positive attributes because of the sessions. He wasn't wrong. I came to Jon as a person fearing her driving test, I've come away as a driver who's other fear of public speaking has vanished. Thank you so much Jon.  (Susan, Sheffield)

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