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Hypnotherapy for children in Yorkshire

hypnotherapy huddersfield yorkshire hypnosis clinic for specialist treatment to help your sad child

If you are considering visiting a hypnotherapist in Yorkshire to help your child with symptoms that he or she may be expressing, I also specialise in a wonderful and powerful form of therapy called the 'Blowaway technique'. Unlike CPI, THRIVE and THRIVE for teenagers, this therapy has been specially designed for children. If your child is aged between the ages of 8 and 14, he or she may well be ideally suited for this technique which can, quite often, dramatically help with psychosomatic symptoms.

For all young persons under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must be in attendance during the initial consultation and subsequent session. If the child has both parents available to attend, that is the preferred option. However, if the child gets on with one parent more than the other, that parent should attend.

huddersfield leeds manchester and yorkshire hypnotherapy for childrens specialist therapy using the blowaway technique

The accompanying adult will also be actively encouraged to participate in the session and most people, including the child, find it very rewarding and enjoyable.

Parents, teachers, and friends alike, are often amazed at how such a simple process can have such a positive and profound effect in such a small amount of time.

The 'Blowaway technique' can be used to help with symptoms and problems such as;

 shortness of breath,
 nail biting,
 hair pulling,
 stomach pains or irritable bowels,
 attention and concentration problems,
 fear of school,
 low self esteem or lack of confidence,
 nightmares and sleep worries,
 thumb sucking,
 eating issues,
 bed wetting (Enuresis) well as feelings of sadness or loneliness, upset, anxiety and stress.

The 'Blowaway' technique uses hypnosis to remove the obstacles that are preventing the child from developing to their best potential.

hypnotised kid showing therapy children hypnosis huddersfield yorkshire hypnotherapy clinic

The child is very gently encouraged to face the things that are causing sadness, frustration, anger, things that have made them frightened, and such times when they feel that they have let themselves down or times when they feel they could have done better. They then take a deep breath, and literally 'blow-away' any negative feelings resulting in a reduction of stress and anxiety which in turn increases the child's self esteem and confidence.

After just one session, the improvements can be amazing. Due to a child's power of imagination (and indeed adults also), when they in hypnosis, 'blow-away' negative emotions, they do indeed literally blow them away. What the mind can perceive, the mind can do, and this technique has helped many children onto the path of a healthy, happier, calmer and more balanced life.

children emotions symptoms and problem hypnotherapy huddersfield leeds manchester and yorkshire

Following the main 'blowaway' session there is a period of relaxation where positive hypnotic suggestions are introduced to the child, as well as the adult, making it a liberating experience for all. Do Note, Depending on maturity, many children (of the children / teenager crossover point) between the ages of around 12 to 15 may well be more suited to THRIVE for teenagers. A teenage version of the full-blown THRIVE programme for adults. We will discuss this further when you contact me.

Please don't hesitate to contact me so that we can discuss your child's specific needs. I look forward to hearing from you.

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