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Trauma & Abuse + PTSD

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Hypnotherapy - Suggestion Therapy

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Whilst the client is in a relaxed state of hypnosis, the subconscious mind is more open to suggestions. The carefully worded powerful suggestions given, are used to stop a client doing something that they don't want to do or to start them doing something they want to start doing.

With each client, there is exceptional care taken over the suggestions given to avoid all potential of any negative impact on the client. Suggestions are very carefully formulated to avoid cognitive dissonance, and any potential of suggestion being interpreted by the subconscious mind in an unpredictable way.

Suggestion Hypnotherapy (as practiced by most hypnotherapist) although extremely powerful does not get to the root cause of the anxiety which produces symptoms and problems. Instead it works by temporarily modifying a clients behaviour, making this type of therapy unsuitable for helping those with deep rooted problems.

For example a client may consult me for suggestion therapy to help overcome a fear of enclosed spaces (Claustrophobia). Although they will go away cured of the problem which they consulted for, a phenomenon known as symptom substitution is likely to occur.

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This occurs because the underlying anxiety has not been resolved. The client who had a fear of enclosed spaces may instead develop a fear of open spaces or other symptoms and problems.

However, suggestion therapy for self-improvement or more simple problems such as to help with stopping smoking, confidence, exam and driving test nerves, weight issues , public speaking, increased sports performance, enhanced creativity, motivation, pain relief, nail biting and stress management where there isn't deep rooted anxiety is extremely effective with amazing results achieved in just one or two sessions. Suggestion therapy allows subconscious patterns to be modified in incredibly positive and beneficial ways. With special regards to weight control, those with a BMI over 26, its worthy to note that Jon also specialises in the revolutionary weight control Hypno-Band system and is an official licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner. Hypno-Band combines CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), suggestion therapy, motivation and visualisation techniques to help you lose weight, get it under control and keep it that way and its worth noting that he always applies his 9 years of expertise and experience as a psychotherapist into the programme that few others can offer.

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In many cases, apart from minor self improvement adjustments and those suitable for Hypno-Band weight loss system, a full course of the THRIVE programme is often more appropriate yet if a client or trainee is an 'emergency' case, where he or she hasn't got the time for the 7-8 weeks required for the THRIVE programme, for instance, somebody has a fear of flying and has to be on a plane in a week, of course I will help. I find many clients are amazed at how effective suggestion therapy can be and often then returnto become a trainee for the THRIVE programme to fully learn how to manage their thinking to resolve such problems as phobias themselves. We are not inflicted with 'phobias', WE actually create them by NOT managing our thinking. Please note, less experienced therapist would just offer and promote suggestion therapy for such things, that can at times be very successful yet the results are usually temporary. There are other options.

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If you are seeking a hypnotherapist in Yorkshire, feel free to contact me at the Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Clinic with any questions that you may have.

We can then arrange for a no obligation, completely free and confidential consultation so that I can understand your specific needs further.

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