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Phobia list;

Although this is by no means a full list of phobias that are treatable, it gives one an idea of the many objects and situations us human beings can be Phobic of, indeed we humans can be phobic of every object or situation imaginable. Many sufferers never seek help for their phobia as sometimes they are embarrassed about it and fear being ridiculed. I notice that some sites like to list the 10 most common phobias, but in my experience, this changes with the seasons, but I will say the more usual ones are a fear of flying (Aerophobia), spiders (Arachnephobia), sick (Emetophobia), closed spaced (Claustrophobia) and heights (Acrophobia). The most unusual Phobias Ive treated has to be a fear of wood bark and a fear of printer cartridges.

 Acousticophobia - Fear of sounds.
 Acrophobia - Fear of heights.
 Aerophobia - Fear of flying.
 Agoraphobia - Fear of open spaces or crowded places.
 Alchmophobia - Fear of needles, pins, pointed objects.
 Alliumphobia - Fear of garlic.
 Allodoxaphobia - Fear of opinions.
 Arachnephobia - Fear of spiders.
 Asymmetriphobia - Fear of asymmetrical things.
 Atomosophobia - Fear of atomic explosions.
 Aurophobia - Fear of gold.
 Auroraphobia - Fear of the northern lights.
 Automatonophobia - Fear of wax statues.
 Aulophobia - Fear of flutes.
 Ballistophobia - Fear of Bullets.
 Bathophobia - Fear of depths.
 Bibliophopbia - Fear of books.
 Botanophobia - Fear of plants.
 Brontophibia - Fear of thunder and lightening.
 Bufonophobia - Fear of toads.
 Calgynephoba - Fear of beautiful woman.
 Carcinophobia - Fear of cancer.
 Chionophobia - Fear of snow.
 Cholerophobia - Fear of anger
 Chronomentrophobia - Fear of clocks.
 Chronophobia - Fear of time.
 Claustrophobia - Fear of confined or small spaces.
 Coulrophobia - Fear of clowns.
 Demophobia - Fear of crowds.
 Dentophobia - Fear of dentists.
 Dendrophobia - Fear of trees.
 Dutchphobia - Fear of the dutch.
 Dystychiphobia - Fear of accidents.
 Electrophobia - Fear of electricity.
 Eleutherophobia - Fear of freedom.
 Enetophobia - Fear of pins.
 Epistaxiophobia - Fear of nosebleeds.
 Ergophobia - Fear of work.
 Emetophobia - Fear of being sick or vomiting / catching illness.
 Frigophobia - Fear of cold or cold things.
 Gamophobia - Fear of marriage.
 Geniophobia - Fear of chins.
 Genophobia - Fear of sex.
 Genuphobia - Fear of knees.
 Glossophobia - Fear of speaking in public or trying to speak.
 Globophobia - Fear of balloons.
 Heliophobia - Fear of the sun.
 Herpetophobia - Fear of creepy crawly things.
 Heterophobiia - Fear of the opposite sex.
 Hydrophobia - Fear of water.
 logophobia - Fear of words.
 Isopterophobia - Fear of insects that eat wood.
 Katagelophobia - Fear of ridicule.
 Lachanophobia - Fear of vedgetables.
 Lepidopterophobia - Fear of insects such as butterflys.
 Ligyrophobia - Fear of loud noises.
 Limnophobia - Fear of lakes.
 Lutraphobia - Fear of otters.
 Masklophobia - Fear of masks or mascots.
 Metallophobia - Fear of metal.
 Microphobia - Fear of small things.
 Mottephobia - Fear of moths.
 Myctophobia - Fear of darkness.
 Myrmecophobia - Fear of ants.
 Necrophobia - Fear of death or dead things.
 Nomatophobia - Fear of names.
 Nosocomephobia - Fear of hospitals.
 Nudophobia - Fear of nudity.
 Oenophobia - Fear of wines.
 Octophobia - Fear of the number 8.
 Orthophobia - Fear of property.
 Papyrophobia - Fear of paper.
 Pogonophobia - Fear of beards.
 Pteronophobia - Fear of being tickled by feathers.
 Pupaphoba - Fear of puppets.
 Russophobia - Fear of russians.
 Scoleciphobia - Fear of worms.
 Scopophobia - Fear of being seen or stared at.
 Selenophobia - Fear of the moon.
 Siderophobia - Fear of stars.
 Spheksophobia - Fear of wasps.
 Social Phobia - Fear of social situations.
 Sociophobia - Fear of society or people in general.
 Taeniophobia - Fear of tapeworms.
 Thalassophobia - Fear of the sea.
 Topophobia - Fear of stage fright.
 Traumatophobia - Fear of injury.
 Tremophobia - Fear of trembling.
 Tyrannophobia - Fear of tyrants
 Urophobia - Fear of urine or urinating.
 Verminophobia - Fear of germs.
 Vitricophobia - Fear of step fathers.
 Xanthophobia - Fear of the colour yellow.
 Xenophobia - Fear of strangers or foreigners.
 Xerophobia - Fear of dryness.
 Xyrophobia - Fear of razors.
 Zelophobia - Fear of jelousy.
 Zoophobia - Fear of animals.

For the treatment of phobias, click here to THRIVE

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