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Obsessive 'Compulsion' Disorder - (OCD)

Treatment of gambling addictions, hypnotherapy in huddersfield yorkshire

Its important to distinguish that the medical terminology 'OCD' (obsessive compulsive disorder) is actually quite wrong. You can't be obsessive and compulsive at the same time, there different things. A person suffering from a compulsion or compulsions, after completing the compulsive act (such as cleaning up, eating, gambling, drinking) experiences a little relief until he or she feel a compulsion to perform an act again that is usually not to long a period away. Those suffering obsessive disorders feel remorselessly driven to complete a task and usually experience no relief whatsoever after their obsessive routine or act is completed. Those suffering obsessive disorders and those suffering compulsions usually do them repeatedly.

With a compulsion, once it has been fulfilled it is usually in the form of a negative to have changed into a positive. For example a dirty car has been washed, an untidy desk tidied etc. This serves to temporarily lower a persons high levels of anxiety that they themselves have created through badly managed thinking in the first place, and would of otherwise 'gone-through-the-roof' if the task had not been carried out. The other 'side of the coin' of someone who has an unhelpful compulsive thinking style is that the feel compelled to do something to cheer themselves up (ie: eat cake or binge on food), to then feel a little relief, to then feel incredibly guilty for doing the act. This creates the sufferer to crete more anxiety that then brings about the complusion to perform and act again! (eg: binge eat more / gamble more etc..)

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This suggests that the person is remorselessly driven by anxiety, albeit this anxiety is created by the sufferer themselves in the first place due to their character type, external locus of control AND unhelpful thinking styles. In effect, the anxiety that has been created by the person themselves has been externalized, and then very temporarily lowered by their act before the guilt for performing the act kicks in causing the sufferer to create even more anxiety!

Through badly managed thinking, an external locus of control and unhelpful thining styles (that the sufferer more that likely will be totally unaware of at present), one creates anxiety, hence obsessive / compulsive urges increase, causing the sufferer to create more anxiety. The sufferer ends up being anxious about being anxious feeling there is no escape.

With what is known as 'OCD' in medical terminology, 'OCD' can take the form of repeated actions like hand washing etc.. but by far the most vile form is intrusive thought that are usually violent and sexually depraved, usually towarsd those that you love. Don't be frightended to contact me about this, more people experience this form of OCD that you realise.

People who have compulsions often feel guilty for carrying out such a task (such as binge drinking or binging on food), but cannot find a way to end the feeling that the task needs to be done. In extreme cases, a sufferer cannot see when a task has actually even been completed.

Compulsive addictive behaviors include:

hypnotherapy huddersfield yorkshire alcholism and binge drinking treatment

 Gambling addiction.
 Drug addiction (including smoking cigarettes, joints, ecstasy, speed, GHB etc.).
 Alcoholism and binge drinking.
 Binge eating, comfort eating and over eating.
 Nail biting.
 Compulsive itching and scratching.
 Cutting or burning oneself.
 Cleaning (repeatedly either ones own body or such thing as kitchen surfaces).
 Checking (repeatedly checking if the cooker has been left on etc..)
 Counting strings of numbers for hours on end.
 Arranging things such as furniture in a certain way.
 Repeating words or sentences,
 Hoarding (collecting useless objects).

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Obessive actions (either intrusive thought or acts) and compulsions can permanently be bought under control and eventually cured with the THRIVE training programme. Yes, you can cure yourself! It will take effort but surely thats better that toxic pharmacuitical drugs and the numerous side effect they create that only at best help a bit. Obsessive and Compulsive activities are just expressions of great anxiety that the sufferer themselves have created in the first place!.

Please don't hesitate to contact me now at the Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Clinic in Huddersfield so that we can arrange a fully confidential, no obligation and free consultation so that I can understand your specific needs and explain how we will work together to free you of these disabilitating symptoms.

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