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OCD Treatment;

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Obsessional behaviour by definition is 'a thought, image, feeling, impulse, or movement that an individual feels compelled to carry out, usually repetitively, in spite of a strong urge to resist. He or she recognises that this thought or behaviour is absurd, but cannot dispel it'.

No matter how hard he or she tries, the mind is constantly invaded by such ideas. These thoughts may constantly be about being hurt, hurting others or being attacked, constantly worrying and obsessing about hygiene in case a person may catch an illness or disease.

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Sufferers often have persistent thoughts about hurting someone (often towards those they care for and love) and not being able to let go of negative feelings such as envy, jealousy and anger. Indeed the word 'Obsession' comes from the latin word 'obsidere', meaning 'to besiege'. Unwanted intrusive thoughts literally force their way into ones mind and in effect besiege it.

Unlike the person suffering from compulsions, the person suffering from obsessional behavior is likely to brood and ruminate over the task; they become preoccupied with it.

Obsessionals feel no reward for performing a task (or thought), and they feel no relief or satisfaction and the brooding continues. If a task isn't carried out, the sufferer feels that something bad and unpleasant is going to happen to either themselves, others or to both. People who suffer from obsessional thoughts and ideas are generally perfectionists who are anxious to get everything 'right'. OCD is in effect a doing / undoing ritual. A person is trapped in this condition until the reason for the condition is found.

Often a person will experienced something in childhood that has caused intense shame and guilt and, consciously or subconsciously wished that it had never happened, but its happened, but they wish they could go back to avoid it happening, but they can't as its happened, but want to go back and stop it from happening, but it has allready happened....... I could go on but you get the jist of what Im saying. The viscious circle from childhood has allready been formed. In effect, a person is trapped in a 'childish' circle of torment. Using CPI (cognitive processing and integration) and then the THRIVE programme, we can move forward. Obsessive patterns of behaviour or instrusive though are indeed linked and sustained to an external locus of control, unhelpful thinking styles and a sufferers character type. A sufferer can indeed train themselves, with the correct training from myself, out of 'OCD' behavioural patterns.

OCD symptoms include:

treatment for ocd, obsessional thought actions writing hand washing hypnotherapy

 Repeated hand washing or actions (e.g.., checking the cooker is   turned off, multiple times)
 Avoiding cracks in pavements.
 Workaholism (at the expense of health and family)
 Avoiding interaction on an emotional level by being very   materialistic.
 Excessive high levels of hygiene.
 Constant intrusion of negative thoughts.
 Counting rituals (counting from 1-34, and then backwards etc)
 Eating Problems.
 Fears of hurting others or oneself.
 Constant intrusions of aggressive/violent thoughts (especially towards loved ones).
 Great concerns about exactness, symmetry and perfection.
 Obsessional thoughts often violent or sexual.
 Hypochondria and other obsessions.

huddersfield leeds manchester sheffield hypnotherapy treatment for ocd at the yorkshire hypnotherapy clinic

OCD is an obsessional neurosis that can be treated very successfully. Because the rituals of OCD are often absurd, whether it be counting numbers or the thought of actually wanting to hurt a loved one (albeit this thought is a scary one), many suffer in silence not knowing their is a treatment for OCD. I would also like to add that i strongly disagree with any medical views that OCD is due to chemical imbalances in the brain. I feel at authority to say this as i've help too many people successfully who have been told that and have realised that this disinformation is no more that disempowering nonsense. If your suffering 'intrusive thought' don't worry, Im not a psychiatrist thank goodness! so will not be labelling you all manner of nonsense. Im just here to help and understand this problem with great clarity.

There's no need to continue to suffer. The cutting edge THRIVE programme in possible conjunction with 1-3 sessions of CPI is the key to understanding why the sufferer themselves is causing the sustaining of their problems and indeed the key to then understanding how to sort things out. Feel free to contact me right away for a free no-obligation consultation. I look forward to meeting you.

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