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Overcoming Emetophobia and Emetophobia Treatment

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Emetophobia is the irrational and overwhelming fear of being sick. This usually also includes the fear of watching somebody else be sick and includes the fear of being near ill people or those who look ill incase this causes them to catch an illness and then become sick themselves.

Symptoms of Emetophobia include:

 Hating feeling out of control.
 Being overtly hygienic and obsessing over it.
 Avoiding public transport to avoid the possibility of sick people, dirty handrails etc..
 Always assessing situations and people for fear of 'catching' something.
 Discarding food for fear of poisoning when it hasn't yet reached its sell by date.
 Having thoughts dominated by their vomit phobia and obsessing about it.
 Being tired and drained from the constant monitoring of themselves, situations and others and often being highly skilled at the art of making excuses to avoid potentially difficult situations.
 Many develop unusual skills such as opening doors with their elbows or flushing toilets with their feet. Being overtly hygienic and obsessing over it.
 Having a dislike of social events and crowded rooms which can lead to panic attacks.
 In extreme cases, those suffering become socially isolated in order to minimize the risk of catching infections.

We believe in the IAEBP that THRIVE is the most effective programme in the world to put an end to the suffering that 'emetophobes' experience

Emetophobia is an extremely crippling and disabling condition and is unfortunately quite common.

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Before overcoming emetophobia, some woman even deny themselves motherhood for fear of vomiting in the form of morning sickness. The phobia is rarely talked about as the whole subject is often regarded as unpleasant and 'dirty' and the sufferer is acutely embarrassed by it.

hypnotherapy huddersfield, emetophobia treatment

The way to free people from the symptoms of Emetophobia is to train those suffering to realise that they themselves are indeed creating the problem through their character type, locus of control and unhelpful thinking styles. Those suffering, although they feel out of control are actually VERY MUCH IN CONTROL of sustaining their problem.

We believe in the IAEBP that the training programme THRIVE is the best way forward to help others so a once sufferer can be completely free of their symptoms to enjoy their life to the full. Please don't hesitate to contact me now at the Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Clinic so that we can arrange a fully confidential, no obligation and free consultation wher i can explain THRIVE further and how we will work together as a team to free you of these disabilitating symptoms.

Emetophobia can be a thing of the past.


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