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Trauma & Abuse + PTSD

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Overcoming trauma and abuse and PSTD (post traumatic stress disorder);

Overcoming trauma and abuse with hypnotherapy huddersfield leeds manchester and sheffield yorkshire

Trauma and abuse is defined as all forms of maltreatment (physical, mental and sexual abuse). These types of abuse leave a person feeling worthless, small, unwanted and like a 'piece of shit'. Sometimes, a person seeking help from a hypnotherapist will be seeking help to resolve abuse experienced in childhood, but others may be seeking resolve from abuse experienced as adults. Either way, we in the IAEBP believe that CPI (cognitive processing and integration) followed by the training programme THRIVE is the best course of action in the world to assist a client and trainee in permanently resolving the deep conflicts caused by abuse and enable them to live a normal, happy and balanced life.

As children, we are so incredibly fragile.

hypnotherapy in huddersfield at the Yorkshire hypnotherapy clinic be free from abuse effects with specialist treatment

In fact, as adults, it's hard to comprehend how fragile and vulnerable each and every one of us was. Most of us as 'adults', take it for granted that some of us can deal with being in certain abusive scenarios, be it mental, physical or sexual. We have coping mechanisms that have been developed within ourselves to deal with guilt, shame and anger, which aid to lower our anxiety levels. We talk to a friend, we find a shoulder to cry on, we can reason. However this is not to say 'adults' are not vulnerable to long lasting effects of abuse in anyway. Many adults, through being abused as children, continue, long into adulthood, attracting abusers and being abused (often without knowing they are experiencing abuse again), and indeed find a variety of ways to abuse themselves as a life of abuse is all that they know. Indeed the effect of abuse can lead to the abused becoming the abuser and I am open to treat both without any judgement whatsoever.

We are all aware of 'adults' who act like children in their ways and emotions and the child who appears a lot older in their emotional level having had to try and deal with mental, physical or sexual abuse. So let's not separate 'adults' and children because there is just too much grey area. Abuse hurts everybody, causes huge amounts of anxiety and affects us negatively, often for the whole of our lives unless we find resolve.

Overcoming trauma and sexual abuse hypnotherapy in yorkshire

As children there are certain emotions that we cannot cope and reason with because we're not developed enough. These emotions are those of Shame and Guilt. We cannot identify that being abused isn't 'our' fault and that it's the abuser who is the guilty party, who should feel shame for their actions. If we think about it, how did we react as children when we had a favorite toy taken away.. we were angry, we lashed out, we cried. How did we feel when we were jealous of a brother or sister for instance, we became angry, we screamed, we rolled around on the floor. With all these emotions, we knew how to project them outwards, to 'get them out of our system'.

But what happens when we feel shame and guilt?

The answer is we do nothing except take the incident and emotion inward. If the emotion is strong enough, it will penetrate deeply into the subconscious of our minds effecting us in many ways and indeed may also identify who we are to ourselves (a victim who does not deserve a great life).

Overcoming anxiety in yorkshire be free

The problem with this is it causes us to create creates extreme amounts of anxiety as the emotion hasn't been resolved and that has to be released in some way, often in later life, by the appearance of any number of problems and symptoms, many of which are described within this website.

There really is no need to live your life any more as an abused person, or to put it another a victim. There is a way out of the torment and suffering. Being abused once or a few times in the past is bad enough, but continually letting others abuse you and finding ways to abuse yourself really takes the biscuit. The past needs to be left in the past. Overcoming trauma and abuse, to a complete resolve, can be achieved with CPI and the THRIVE programme.

We believe the only way to 'get your life back' and be able to start again, free of neuroses, symptoms and problems is to let a skilled IAEBP therapist take you through a few sessions of CPI and then take you on as a trainee through the THRIVE programme.

Do also be aware that CPI and the Thrive Programme are ideally suited for such people as those in the military and such organisations as the police force, that have experienced trauma and who are suffering (often in silence) PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). I WILL NOT be judging you. Im just here to help.

You may not feel it right now, but you deserve to give yourself a chance. The past can be in the past. You CAN move forward. Contact me now to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

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