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Stop smoking in 60 minutes. Quit cigarettes with hypnotherapy;

You too, like many thousands of people can stop smoking in 60 minutes with hypnotherapy easily with an experienced stop smoking hypnotherapist.

Stop smoking with hypnosis quit in huddersfield yorkshire near to wakefield leeds manchester sheffield without weight gain

 Have you failed in quitting with patches, gum and will power?
 Are you fed up with feeling trapped in being a smoker?
 Have you found yourself panicking when your cigarettes or tobacco are near to running out?
 Do you think, I'll soon give up, but year after year you're still a smoker?
 Have you ever driven late at night to a garage to buy another pouch or tobacco or packet of cigarettes just to make sure your equipped for that 'special morning ciggie'?
 Have you ever found yourself rummaging through ash trays to find a dog end, just to receive one 'hit' to calm yourself for another 40 minutes when you've run out? (For those that haven't done this... don't laugh... people do!)

The problem with cigarettes is that its actually a fantastic habit!! Its always there when you need a little relaxation, it's a reliable 'friend' that's always there to comfort you, you can buy them in many outlets in many countries, it's a great crutch in social situations and they go damn well with a beer or a cup of coffee. You can even buy them cheap at the duty-free!

So how do we stop smoking ?

hypnotherapy huddersfield yorkshire stop smoking and help you stub it out

Well, we have to re-address the balance. We have to give a smoker the immediate feeling of great pride and whatever other positive suggestions using hypnotherapy to make it worth being a non-smoker.

Many of you will have tried to become non-smokers in the past, only to later light up, either within a few hours, weeks, months or years, as a reward for giving up! You know you've not become a non-smoker as you've become a smoker again. By trying to give up and failing, this reinforces the belief system that you are addicted to nicotine and have a habit that despite your best efforts, you're not going to be able to give up. However, nothing would be further from the truth if you go about it the right way!

Being a non-smoker means never smoking and it means having it never come into your mind that you'd like to smoke.

The problem is that to give-up something, to totally stop, us human beings need immediate incentives and rewards. We're all told;

 we'll be more healthy and that we'll live longer.
 that we'll have more money
 we'll have cleaner teeth etc...

These are not big enough immediate incentives for us to stop and become non-smokers to leave our 'friend' behind for ever. This is why people quitting with will power alone become irritable; they are getting a bum deal.

It will take a long time to notice an improvement in our health (yes I know you can breathe easier within a couple of days, but you'll still be out of breath when you run up the stairs after a few weeks/ months). You'll only notice that you've saved serious money after about a year (if you save). You'll only have cleaner teeth if you use the money saved from smoking to have your teeth professionally whitened. You see, none of these things are actually tangible, immediate incentives to stop.

If you really want to become a non smoker, the smoking cessation with myself can help you quit easily so you feel like you've always been a non-smoker. The suggestions given whilst in hypnosis will give you the immediate incentives and to kick the habit for good.

Yes, you will immediately feel proud to be a non-smoker.

quit smoking with hypnosis at the yorkshire hypnotherapy clinic

Hypnotherapy will make you feel absolutely fantastic at being a non-smoker. You'll be calm, relaxed and at ease in any given situation without cigarettes and make you feel that 'there is nothing missing' in your life. If you want to stop, hypnotherapy can help you do it without the usual stress and strain, withdrawals or putting on weight. It really is the most natural effective way. Our unique stop smoking method is tried and tested with over a 90% success rate.

Contact me now to book your session. £7+ for a packet of fags !!! Now thats rediculous. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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