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Trauma & Abuse + PTSD

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THRIVE (TM) - Changing Limiting Beliefs, The amazing NEW life changing phenomenon:

THRIVE(TM) and CPI (cognitive processing and integration) have now replaced Pure Hypnoanaysis, the therapy we used to practice. Its not that Pure Hypnoanalysis did not work, we in the IAEBP are simply moving forward. THRIVE in combination with at times CPI, is simply proving to be a far quicker way of helping others. Due to the strong ethics of the IAEBP, it would simply be unethical to continue to practice a therapy (Pure hypnonalysis) that simply took longer than what has now been developed, through great experience and many years of working with those that suffer symptoms and problems.

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This AMAZING new training programme, developed in the real world of helping clients and the knowledge gained from it, teaches you how to take control of your thoughts, feelings, worries and doubts. It is able to help you completely change the way you feel about yourself and how your react to situations in your life - enabling you to live a happier, more successful and positive life.

The THRIVE programme takes around 7-8 one-to-one sessions to complete:

A workbook is included in the training and these sessions are available with Jon at the Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Difficulties managing our thinking and limiting beliefs:

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When we are children we are taught to do many things - however its rare that we are taught how our personality traits and our thinking REALLY interact, and how to manage our thinking really well. Many, through no fault of our own, continue to 'run' old habits and ways of thinking, unhelpful to ourselves well into adulthood - such as holding negative belief systems, a sense of powerlessness and poor reactions to stress

Limiting beliefs, and external locus of control and badly managed thinking cause problems:

Many problems are caused or made worse by the way we manage our thinking. Ill health, eating disorders, anxiety symptoms, panic attacks, emetophobia, IBS, stress, sexual problems, gambling / drug problems, relationship problems, frustration, phobias, fears and weight problems amongst many others.

Take control of your thoughts - and your life and learn to THRIVE. It's a truly different approach to helping people. Learn how to Thrive in your life today.

This training programme is entirely different to any other self-help techniques, such as NLP or CBT, in that 90% of the success of this technique is in the understanding of your character traits, thinking styles and personality.

It's no good teaching you any 'positive thinking', CBT or NLP technques unless you understand the component parts of your personality and how they interact with each other. Without this you would never be able to truly alter the driving forces behind your limiting beliefs - you would just carry on 'coping'

Learn to Thrive and do take note, there is also a specialised 5 week THRIVE course for teenagers too (2 sessions with an adult is required before the 5 week teenager programme):

THRIVE is a training programme and usually takes around 7-8 sessions and is delivered in a down to earth manner via a workbook and experienced Thrive consultant Jon Froggatt. In some cases it is often beneficial and even necessary to have 1-3 sessions of CPI (cognitive processing and integration) prior to the Thrive programme but this would be discussed in confidentiality when you come for a consultation. All the sessions are informal yet professional and we go through everything with many examples and explanations to help your learning.

It is so empowering to take control of your own life, to learn to manage your thinking and emotions better and understand what really makes you tick to enable you to reduce or remove your symptoms or problems. Feel free to Contact me for a free no obligation consultation. You've nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Thrive programme has already changed many lives - why not yours?

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