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Treatments for what is medically known as Depression. Hypnotherapy and the THRIVE programme.

Around one in five suffer some form of it at some point in their lives. Why suffer longer when you can do something about it!

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There are many symptoms of depression, some experience all, some just a few. The symptoms can include:

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 Feeling sad and tearful
 A lack of energy
 Difficulties making decisions
 Difficulties making decisions
 Insomnia and disturbed sleep patterns
 Changes in appetite
 Reduces sex drive
 Constant negativity
 Feeling trapped in ones own thinking
 A feeling of powerlessness to do anything about it.

There are several key aspects that are present in those that suffer depression, the main one being an external of control (this would be fully explained in the no oblogation consultations I offer).

Simply put, feeling low, what is medically known as depression, is a combination of feeling low, unhappy and negative, but also the feeling of being powerless to do anything about it. Those that suffer also tend to brood and obsess. This 'thinking style' is great if a person is brooding and obsessing about positive things in life, yet is disasterous if one is brooding and ruminating over negatives. This brooding and ruminating over negatives is actually what causes depression. We don't catch depression, we are not born with depression, we actually in effect 'do depression' by the way we think.

Does obsessing over negatives help?

Indeed, ask yourself, has obsessing over anything ever helped anyone? In the many hundreds of clients Ive seen through the years, the resounding answer is no. People tend to obsess about something, as they tend to believe that by doing so they are gaining some control and helping themselves figure something out, yet this could not be further from the truth. Obsessing tends to focus all attention on the problem. All this does is it actually reinforce the negatives, keeping us deeply absorbed in fears and worries, that then creates mores stress and anxiety and the feelings of being out of control.

Social phobia / social anxiety and low self esteem also play a part in depression:

1)  The trigger to start obsessing about something is often an event or experience where the sufferer felt judged - either by others or themselves,
2)  Once depressed, the sufferer tend to isolate themselves, throuhg fear of being judged. This is due to the fact they feel stupid, not good enough or clever enough to have the skills to stop being depressed or to stop 'doing depression'.
3)  This leads to self-blame and self-criticism which then leads to more feelings of negativity and misery. What happens whilst a person is busy self blaming and obsessing over negativity is they lose perspective creating more anxiety and stress. In this state, the sufferer rarely recognises that they themselves could be in some way creating their own despair!. Instead, they often see their depression as a medical condition or as a result from a particular experience. This compounds the feelings of being powerless to do anything about it themselves.

When we are self absorbed in negativity and self-blaming we feel trapped.

People suffering depression do often self blame, continually picking up on percieved mistakes and flaws and do become very self critical. This lowers the self-esteem of a sufferer, that then creates even deeper feeling of depression. Now a sufferer feels low and almost worthless (unempowered), this support their feeling that they have a reason to contiue to create the feeling of depression. Its a vicious circle.

And things then get worse.

When a sufferer has an obsessive side to their nature, its very easy to get caught up in their own unhappiness, and to become more and more focused on their problem. Often, people with low self-esteem and social anxiety in effect 'need' to be negative. They don't dare believe that things could be better, or that they themselves could get better, and by being negative they can avoid the possible feelings of being depressed and the feelings of being a total failure, because the thought of failing, if they tried to get better is too much to bear.

Overcoming Depression with the Thrive programme.

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Sometimes, but very rarely, a couple of sessions of suggestion therapy can help a sufferer, but for a more permanent resolve we believe in the IAEBP that the The THRIVE programme is the worlds best form of treatment and training programme for helping those that suffer from depression and feeling low, without the need for pharmacuitical drugs and the often 'dodgy' side effects caused by them. Contact me for a free no-obligation consultation at the Yorkshire Hypnotherapy clinic. You deserve a better life. Lets sort things out for good.

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