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Treatmentand training for fears, phobias, panic attacks and anxiety.

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A phobia is an externalisation of the anxiety that we ourselveshave created due to badly managed thinking onto an object or situation. If for instance we create a 'phobia' as its known in medical terms of flyng, if we avoid flying, we feel more in control of out anxiety, Anxiety can be described as 'fear spread thinly', or 'something inside ourselves that, without proper training and knowledge we belive to be outside of our control'.

Many therapies out there today encourage people to face their fears, which is not a bad course of action, yet those that are experiencing an intense fear of something, this seems impossible. If we want to be permanently rid ourselves of an intense irrational fear, we first have to understand the limiting beliefs behind the 'phobia' itself. These are self esteem, social anxiety and our locus of control. We actually create irrational fears by not managing our thinking correctly. This may no seem to be great news but it is. If we can create intense fears (phobias), this also means, that with correct training and guidance, we can overcome them.

treat and cure phobia

With some intense fears (phobias), there may be a good reason for a person to have that fear and the fear may not be so irrational. For instance, if you had been in a plane crash, it would be understandable to fear flying yet this is not to say still that you could not overcome that fear and love flying again. An intense fear (phobia) is simply a way of expressing internal anxiety that we, through badly managed thinking have created in the first place. We then become anxious of feeling anxious and we set ourselves into a downward spiral of creating even more anxiety.

To cure yourself of an irrational fear (known as a phobia), we have to understand the various factors driving and sustaining that fear. This is where the THRIVE programme comes in.

The reason why we have phobias is because of badly mnaged thinking. We really do create intense fears ourselves but its a multifaceted thing. Our self esteem, social anxiety and locus of control are all factors in the creation of, and the sustaining of our symptoms.

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The signs of being Phobic when presented with an object or situation include;

 An increased feeling of anxiety, that in turn makes us more anxious creating a vicious circle of emotion.
 Shortness of breath, hyperventilation, chest pain, trembling and shaking.
 light headiness and exhaustion.
 Sweating and / or getting the Chills.
 A feeling that your world is crumbling around you and a feeling of losing control.
 A feeling of being frozen to the spot and sheer dread
 A feeling of losing your mind and confusion.

These symptoms are in fact the same for what is known as a panic attack.

phobias cure at the yorkshire hypnotherapy clinic, be free from fears and fear

Panic attacks equate to being phobic but without a stimulus to be scared of. Although it is hard to see it this way, phobias give our internal anxiety that we ourselves have created in the first place form, so that it's 'easier' to cope with, rather that coping with the absolute unknown. In effect, its easier to gain a sense of control if your phobic of something rather that suffering from panic attacks.

All phobias are a 'fear of being out of control' projected onto an object. A panic attack is the same thing without the projection.

We project our 'fear of being out of control' onto an object(s) or situation(s), so we can at least get a 'sense' of control by avoiding what we are phobic towards and temporarily lowering our anxiety levels slightly. If we cannot avoid it, we suffer a panic attack at the loss of control.

The answer is.. the THRIVE programme.

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The THRIVE programme in conjunction at times if needed with 1-3 sessions of CPI will help a client / trainee learn that they have not been powerless in anyway whatsoever all along to overcome their fear themselves. See list of Phobias treated.

At times, 1 or 2 sessions of suggestion therapy may be in order if you do not have the time before a flight for instance to go through the THRIVE training programme with myself.

Feel free to contact me to discuss things further and your situation. Consultations are always free with no-obligation.

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