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Trauma & Abuse + PTSD

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What causes Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Emetophobia, IBS, OCD, Eating Problems, phobias, Low self-esteem, OCD, Feeling down, Sexual Problems and the whole array of other anxiety based symptoms and problems?

be free from anxiety, symptoms and problems

Many of us go through our lives with symptoms and problems and never seek help until things get really bad (and even then sometimes we don't). We fear our problems, we fear that people won't understand, we fear our fear that then compounds our anxiety. We adapt to our, at times, 'living hell' and often suffer in silence and try our best to cope.

Many of us cope very well, some not so well, and some people unfortunately give up totally and take their own lives. Why can't we all live our lives to the full? So many people take just being happy for granted, but if you're looking at this website, the chances are that you're not happy, you understand that you have a problem and you would like to correct it, you'd like to change. Well I congratulate you, you've taken a step in the right direction. When you come to see me at the Yorkshire hypnotherapy clinic, whether for a session or two of suggestion therapy, the blowaway technique for children or to embark on the ground breaking training programme called THRIVE (in possible conjunction with CPI), you will immediately feel relaxed in my company.

What causes symptoms and problems such as social phobia, emetophobia, panic attacks, ocd, feeling down, and IBS amongst others, is anxiety yet many do not realise the WE are the ones ourselves that create this. Anxiety IS NOT outside ourselves, it comes from within caused by badly managed thinking. Anxiety can be described as 'something inside ourselves but we feel outside of our control' or like an 'unknown, thinly spread fear'.

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To help us understand why we have symptoms and problems I will use an analogy. If we imagine an active volcano, that has a bit of lava in its core, deep below the ground. On good days, this lava, seeps up steadily through the channels, where it breaks out on the surface, letting off little plumes of steam. Now imagine that we put more lava into the core of it, shake it up a bit and our volcano is having a bad day. The lava makes its way up to the surface more rapidly, more ferociously, more angrily to release this extra pressure. The lava erupts through the channels and starts to spew boiling hot lava uncontrollably all over the place. Our volcano is now in a very bad way, expressing the tension that we ourselves have created within by erupting. We're not managing our thinking and emotions well at all and feel things are going out of control. You could liken this to an imaginary 'stress o'meter'!. The more stress and anxiety that WE create, the worse symptoms and problems become.

Now if we keep this in mind, lets equate this to us humans. We all have a certain amount of lava in us, so rest assured, whatever you're suffering from, you're not a million miles different to anybody else no matter how you feel as everybody is neurotic in differing degrees.

Daily life often presents ourselves with 'Stressors'. 'Stressors' are events and experiences that create the potential for OURSELVES to then create stress and anxiety. The more sress and anxiety that WE create, the worse our problems and symptoms become.

Be it work, our love lives, money or health, when things get a little too much we sometimes get sad, lonely, angry, jealous or down, and we have a little cry or get angry to let off some steam, this is normal, just as our volcano did in order to release some pressure. But.. as with the Volcano, if WE create more stress and anxiety (lava) due to badly managed thinking, it has to be released in some way or we'll explode usually resulting in a nervous breakdown. Because anxiety is created by OURSELVES, as it surfaces our minds convert it into a neurosis, a symptom or problem. Because we humans like to label things and put things in 'boxes', our minds convert this 'unknown' anxiety into a problem so that it has 'form', whether it be social phobia, a sexual problem, an obsession or compulsion, a drug problem, or any other combination of symptoms and problems possible.

Life is NOT stressful!! WE create stress and anxiety in response to 'stressors' that life sometimes presents ourselves with. When we don't manage our thinking, this is when things appear to 'go out of our control' when indeed, WE are the ones that are creating the 'out of control' feelings in the first place!

Although it may not seem this way to a sufferer due to a lack of knowledge and understanding, this is a very clever mechanism that human beings have adopted so we can understand and 'see' that we have a problem because it has 'form', rather than suffering from great anxiety and in effect 'the unknown', it helps us feel we are more in control, albeit, we feel out of control. It makes us 'visibly' suffer, so that, in a positive light, we go and seek help. We do this if we haven't given up on ourselves and know we can be helped and sorted out, or more to the point now with THRIVE, to empower ourselves to do something about it which we can with the right professional help and knowledge to learn and understanding ourselves. To 'break the camals back' so to speak, we firstly need to understand what makes us 'Tick', and i can assure you due to our differing character types, we all 'tick' slightly differently.

So.. lets move forward...

Yorkshire Hypnotherapy clinic in huddersfield can help free you

The anxiety that we ourselves create through badly managed thinking causes symptoms and problems to get worse. This at times can be traced back to unpleasent experiences, and if so, 1-3 sessions of CPI is needed before the THRIVE programme, but often, we are simply sustaining problem by the way we have not been managing our thinking. Your not to blame for this, the help you will gain from myself and the THRIVE programme is not taught anywhere else apart from those in the IAEBP (The international Association of Evidence Based Psychotherapy) and THRIVE is nothing like NLP (neuro-linguistic programmmng), CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) or such approaches as EMDR (Eye movement Desensitization and reprocessing) etc.. In 9 years experience, many cleints ive seen, prior to seeing myself have tried all such approaches with little or no avail (often for months on end).

Contact me at the Yorkshire Hypnotherapy Clinic:

Feel free to contact me at any time so that we can arrange a free, no obligation consultation at the clinic. This will allow me to assess your personal situation in confidence and allow me to inform you of how I will be able to help and the best route forward. I look forward to hearing from you.

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