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What is hypnosis?

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Jon Froggatt D.Hyp (IAEBP) of the Yorkshire hypnotherapy clinic, uses hypnosis in both suggestion therapy (clinical hypnosis) and the blowaway technique for children.

Hypnosis, in a lot of peoples minds, conjours up thoughts of people losing control and being made to do crazy and degrading things against their own will. This is usually at the hands of a stage hypnotist. Preconceptions of what hypnosis is, or what hypnosis feels like are usually distortions of reality. We see hypnotists such as Derren Brown and Paul McKenna doing weird and wonderful things, but commonly, there are many other factors in play that we aren't fully aware of that im more than happy to explain to yourself when we chat or meet for a consultation.

Fortunately, most peoples views couldn't be further from the truth and these views come from a lack of knowledge and understanding and from never experiencing or seeing hypnotism at work in a caring therapeutic surrounding.

If you've ever seen a stage hypnotist on TV, all you will have seen is him or her suggesting people do silly and degrading things for the audiences amusement. The really interesting part of the process will usually have been edited out. If you've seen a live show they can't do this, and you see how the hypnotist 'selects' his subjects. To start with, a large group of volunteers are brought up onto the stage, and they are subjected to a series of tests. Their numbers are slowly whittled down so that only the very suggestible remain.

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The now chosen 'subjects' of the show know full well they're going to be asked to do silly things, and they actually enjoy being the centre of attention (they are generally natural 'show off's'!). Now being part of a show, its their chance to take centre stage and the last thing they want to do is disobey a suggestion from the hypnotist, make a fool of him and risk losing face.

Something which may be hard to take in, is that the carefully selected volunteers revel in being the centre of attention on stage! No part of their minds are being controlled by mysterious forces.

Cross question somebody after a show like this and the answers will range from "Oh, I can't remember a thing" (they remembered everything but would feel too silly after the show to admit it) to "The hypnotist made me do it". A good excuse but if he or she didn't want to do it, they wouldn't.

Hypnosis is used as a tool to aid
suggestion therapy , CPI and the blowaway technique for chldren.

It is nothing more than a relaxed state in which awareness is heightened. Indeed, a lot of clients I see feel quite emotional when first being hypnotised as it's sometimes the first time in their lives that that have been totally at ease and felt relaxed in the fullest sense of the word.

At no point will I be or could ANY hypnotherapist be in control of your mind. If you don't want to be hypnotised, you won't be, you are in control. You will remember everything and be able to communicate at all times. Not to belittle the experience, but most feel it rather ordinary; nothing like the 'out of control' feeling one would expect if they have ever seen a stage hypnotist showing off his apparent 'magical powers' that simply are not there.

Relax with Hypnotherapy at my Yorkshire clinic in the centre of Huddersfield

Hypnotherapist in yorkshire using natural hypnosis

Hypnosis is like the moment before you fall asleep or how you feel just as you're awakening from sleep. Hypnosis is just a deep relaxation and a very pleasant state. Its such a natural experience that many clients don't believe that they indeed have been hypnotised when they have been because there's no such thing as a hypnotised feeling. Its certainly nothing to be anxious and worried about.

Please feel free to contact me now to ask any questions that you may have and book a free consultation to discuss your specific needs further in complete confidence.

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