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Yorkshire hypnotherapy clinic : Common questions

Do you charge for you consultations?

Absolutely not. I would advise those who go and see other 'professionals' for help that charge for consultations to be most weary. If a therapist is good, professional, knowledgable and KNOWS he or she can help a potential client or trainess, there should be no need to charge. Consultations are ALWAYS free with NO OBLIGATION whatsoever with myself.

How confidential is a consultation or hypnotherapy session?

Your confidentiality is 100% assured. I am a member of the International Association of Evidence based Psychotherapists whose code of conduct ensures absolute confidentiality for clients. This confidentiality may only be breached in potentially life threatening situations.

Does it matter which therapist I choose?

Absolutely. It goes without saying that not all therapist are equal. I assure you I have many years experience (a little over 9 years now), and there is a reason why im still here! I myself would personally always choose someone with significant experience over a new therapist. It takes time to become good, as the more clients one see's, the more one would understand that all people are different. Its essential for a therapist to be adapt to adapt to the need of clients / trainees as individuals and this understanding is only possible through experience. Different schools of hypnotherapy exist and training requirements vary between different organisations. To ensure you receive the highest professional service, any therapist you choose should be qualified and a member of a respected organisation and adhere to an ethical code of conduct. Successful therapy or training is also a two way process, and it's always advisable to arrange a free consultation before committing to treatment, so YOU can check out the therapist first.

Does where you work have wheelchair access?

Absolutely. The Place of my work is wheelchair friendly, and of course im happy to help in anyway I can to make your visit a most pleasant one.

How long do therapy sessions take?

Each session lasts from about 45 minutes to 1 hour. Occasionally a session may last a little beyond (at no extra charge). When this is the case, I ask waiting clients to be understanding and can assure them that I will extend them the same courtesy if needed.

Can I bring a friend/spouse or partner along with me?

You are welcome to bring whoever you choose but unless you are a minor only you will be permitted to stay during the actual session and whoever you have chosen to come with must wait in our waiting room. This is to ensure confidentiality and the best conditions for total relaxation.

Can anybody be hypnotised?

Yes, anyone can be hypnotised apart from people who are severely inebriated with alcohol and / or illegal drugs when attending hypnotherapy sessions.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Hypnosis feels like a very pleasant deep state of relaxation, rather like daydreaming or dozing off to sleep.

Will I feel different after being hypnotised?

You will feel like you have been in a state of relaxation, which indeed you have been, so initially you may feel slightly sleepy for a minute or two. This will soon pass and you'll feel fresh and fully alert and ready to walk or drive home and get on with your day.

Will I feel out of control when I'm in a hypnotic state?

Absolutely not. At no point in a session with myself will you be out of control in anyway. I use hypnosis in a highly professional manner to assist you in achieving whatever you want to achieve and the permanent release of bottled up feelings and anxiety so you can live a fuller, happier life.

Will I remember everything?

Yes, you will remember everything that goes on when you have suggestion or hypnoanalytical therapy with myself. Contact me now for a FREE NO OBLIGATION consultation.

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