Women’s Easy Event: Stress-Busting Massage Party: Spa-Like Atmosphere Creates Relaxing Gathering for Women

Women’s Easy Event: Stress-Busting Massage Party: Spa-Like Atmosphere Creates Relaxing Gathering for Women

Gather a small group of BFFs, add in a massage therapist who makes house calls, play some light classical music and enjoy the relaxation!

Concept Set up an in-home spa treatment that will relax the guests. Start with a personal invitation to those friends that could benefit from a relaxing afternoon. The best invitation is a personal phone call to explain the afternoon, why your guest will benefit and whether he or she should bring specific clothing or items to the event.

Pre-Event Preparation

This event requires a significant amount of setup in order to ensure its success. That being said, nothing is particularly difficult about the recommended set up requirements. Start by contracting with a recommended massage therapist. Check for recommendations with your friends, with your local health club, or the American Massage Therapy Association. If funds are limited, ask the massage therapist to offer you a reduced fee or no fee, in exchange for the opportunity to present his or her services to your event’s guests.

Determine if the massage therapist has specific needs, such as towels or access to a source of heat. It will likely be necessary to rearrange the room’s furniture to accommodate the massage table or massage chair and provide a sitting area for the remaining guests. Place a coffee table or end table near the sitting area to hold snacks and drinks. Filter some light, ethereal music through the party space, at a subdued volume. For some great suggestions and easy downloads, go to Amazon.com and search for “spa music,” “meditation music,” or “massage music.”

Food and Beverage

Since this event is a health and wellness gathering, focus any refreshments on light, fresh items.

Chilled water with lemon slices or chilled bottled water: since this is a sophisticated event, use real glassware to serve the chilled water. While a beautiful pitcher of iced water with lemon slices is more economical, chilled bottles of designer water are simpler. However, when one considers that bottles of water are significantly less eco-friendly than the other option, the choice becomes less clear. Ultimately, the decision is up to the hostess.

Food should include fresh fruits such as luscious berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries), along with some refreshing, ripe cantaloupe. Take the time to create melon balls; these are easily served on a pretty, floral platter, along with toothpicks for a simple “finger food” option. The berries can be served in individual china teacups with silver spoons for eating, reinforcing the sophisticated atmosphere of this event.